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Have You Visited the Half Moon Bay Distillery?

September 1st, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

half moon bay distilleryIf you’re a sucker for craft cocktails and small batch spirits, you’ll love spending time in Half Moon Bay where people like the artisans at the Half Moon Bay Distillery are serving their community only the best. Whether you’re a mixed drink kind of person, or want to sip something neat to really experience the subtle flavor notes and to feel of it in your mouth, you’ll be in awe of the premium spirits behind the bar at the Half Moon Bay Distillery. If you’re less concerned with the specific spirits or fancy cocktails and are just looking for a charming spot on the water to spend your cocktail hour, again, you won’t find any place better in the area than the Half Moon Bay Distillery.

About the Half Moon Bay Distillery

Owners Ulli and Caesar Bisono found themselves united in their lives for finely distilled liquors via very different life paths. Ulli is Austrian born and raised and grew up drinking the equivalent of American moonshine – fruit brandy from the Alps. Liquor taxes were oppressively high in Austria, which led most people to distill their own spirits, which has become a fine art over the generations. Ulli brings those generations of experience and love for the art of distilling to the Half Moon Bay Distillery, where her husband compliments her passion with his own roots in the Dominican Republic. While his romance with spirits began with the native rums, he quickly grew to love whiskies and gins as well. This dynamic duo has a great talent for the finicky craft of distilling, and you’ll never be disappointed by a spirit they produce.

Half Moon Bay Distillery Products

  • Purissima Vodka is the first top-shelf product that the Half Moon Bay Distillery has begun to distribute to bars and retailers throughout the Bay Area. This 100 percent grain vodka is made from scratch, by hand and completely on site. Named for the town of Purissima, one of the earliest settlements along this stretch of coast, the town is known for becoming a ghost town after the river flooded in the 1920s. It is said to be haunted to this day.
  • The Harvard Avenue Gin is a 90 proof small batch gin released in May of 2015. Call or email the Half Moon Bay Distillery if you want to get your hands on their limited stock of this delicious earthy gin.

Visit the Half Moon Bay Distillery

Located out at Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay, the distillery is well worth the visit when you are in the area, whether fancy spirits are your thing or not. The great views, friendly atmosphere, and delicious drinks are enough to keep people coming back, connoisseurs or not. Each month the Half Moon Bay Distillery features their cocktail of the month so when you’re stopping by be sure to look for the latest concoction.


The Half Moon Bay Distillery is among the most highly recommended food and beverage establishments in the area. For more ideas of places to get the best meals and drinks in Half Moon Bay, check out this free vacation guide!