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5 of the Best Beaches Near Half Moon Bay

April 1, 2016 by Mill Rose Inn

Beaches Near Half Moon Bay


There are some breathtaking beaches near Half Moon Bay, from glorious Pacific Coast sunset views to a variety of terrains great for hiking. Whether you’re looking to picnic, adventure through nature, or lounge in the sun, here are 5 of the best beaches near Half Moon Bay.

5 Beaches Near Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay State Beach

When it comes to beaches near Half Moon Bay, you can’t get much closer than Half Moon Bay State Beach. These four miles of sandy beaches are an oasis for sunbathing, fishing, and picnicking, as well as camping. Located within the parameters of the Half Moon Bay State Beach are some popular coastal beaches near Half Moon Bay. These include Venice Beach, with refreshing outdoor showers, sun-dazed gulls flying above, and waves lapping the shoreline as well as Francis Beach with secluded cliffs, picnic tables overlooking the water, and a campground. Dunes Beach is also included, with sandstone bluffs and the beach’s namesake dunes. These are all great beaches for Half Moon Bay picnic spots! The Coastside Trail runs along the eastern edge of these beaches, providing a great biking or hiking trail, while a designated horse trail is also available.

Redondo Beach

Semi-secluded Redondo Beach is a hidden gem off the beaten path. Frothy waves crash against the shore, while tall cliffs rise in eye-catching rock formations just feet from the water at high tide. Away from the crowds at Half Moon State Beach, this is one of the more quiet and quaint beaches near Half Moon Bay. The dirt lot at the end of Redondo Beach Road is the place to park, but you will face the looming cliffs above the beachfront. To access the sand, take the accessible dirt trail until you find a sloped path down the shore. The seclusion and peaceful sound of the waves will bring you ultimate relaxation. This is a dog-friendly beach near Half Moon Bay as well, so let your furry friends tag along for some beach breezes and coastal explorations.

Cowell Ranch Beach

Of the beaches near Half Moon Bay, Cowell Ranch Beach is great for seal spotting. There are two pocket beaches with access to trails on the bluffs. Seal Beach, which is south of the overlook, is a harbor seal protection area, closed to the public. However, you can spot the lounging seals along the rocks and sands from a distance. The northern beach is accessible by a staircase, which leads to a secluded sandy cove great for spending the day in your own little beachy nook tucked away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Poplar Beach

When looking for beaches near Half Moon Bay to visit, you can’t miss Poplar Beach, which is a favorite for families, dog owners, and horseback riders! The beach is owned by the city of Half Moon Bay and has plenty of space to share. There is a steep trail down to the shore from the parking lot, but once on the soft sand, you will be able to walk in both directions and comb for shells. Dogs are welcome, and the often gentle waves are great for some pup swimming near the shore. Horses are allowed on the beach, which makes this an ideal location for a romantic sunset horseback ride.

Surfer’s Beach

Looking to catch some waves at one of the beaches near Half Moon Bay? Grab your board and head to Surfer’s Beach off Highway 1, which is ideal for people watching as well as for surfers and boogie boarders alike. Build some sandcastles before hitting the surf, or watch the locals hang ten while you lounge onshore. There are also tide pools here, great for finding sea critters with the kids!

Stay By the Shore at Mill Rose

Take your time basking the sunshine, breathing in the salt air, and letting the sun rays seep into your skin. Then after a rejuvenating day at one of these beaches near Half Moon Bay, come back to Mill Rose for more coastal views in a luxurious seaside setting.

Top 5 Parks in the Bay Area for Relaxing

February 12, 2016 by Mill Rose Inn

parks in the Bay AreaThe Bay Area is full of beautiful scenery, and many local parks fall under the umbrella of beautiful places to visit. Whether you are looking for a place to sit down and read a book or a breathtaking setting to picnic with your significant other, these relaxing parks in the Bay Area are sure to soothe and rejuvenate with their natural settings and peaceful atmospheres. After soaking up the healing qualities of nature, you can retreat to the Mill Rose Inn for an extended calming California stay.

Top 5 Parks in the Bay Area for Relaxing

Golden Gate Park

When looking for the best parks in the Bay Area, at the top of the list is the Golden Gate Park, which gets around 13 million visitors annually. The 1,017-acre dreamy oasis is full of lush gardens, artistic monuments, picnic groves, and wooded trails. The park also hosts an array of cultural events, such as concerts and sports activities. For those individuals who prefer to relax by engaging in an outdoor sport, such as kayaking, archery, polo, or golf, this park is perfect, offering all those amenities and more. The beautiful landscaping is another attraction, from the Japanese Tea Garden to the Garden of Shakespeare’s Flowers.

Wildcat Canyon Regional Park

Covering almost 2,500 acres from the Tilden Nature Area to Alvarado Park, the Wildcat Canyon Regional Park is full of luscious landscapes. Set up a blanket, lay in one of the rolling meadows, and let the breeze blow over your sunkissed shoulders. With so much space, there is a guaranteed quiet nook to spend your afternoon, while historic stonework near Wildcat Creek provides a great location for picnicking and exploring.

Jack London State Historic Park

With beautiful historic buildings that include Jack London’s cottage and the House of Happy Walls Museum, the Jack London State Historic Park is a forested retreat and a slice of the past simultaneously. Probably the most famous of the Bay Area parks, it houses preserved buildings and park trails great for biking, hiking, and horseback riding. And with such gorgeous landscape views, the park is wonderful for taking an artsy day to yourself. Let the canvas and paints capture your surroundings.

There are so many great spaces for picnicking as well, including several winding back-country trails with different terrains and a variety of scenery. To engage in a bit of the history that infuses the property, take a private guided tour or download the park audio tour app and make some discoveries on your own. Regardless of what you decide to do, be sure to soak up the encompassing nature and learn a little something from it. Jack London wouldn’t want it any other way.

Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Preserve

If you want to see a 1,400-year-old tree or a 310-foot-tall tree, look no further than the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Preserve. As one of the most awe-inspiring of the parks in the Bay Area and even of California’s state parks, this redwood forest will take your breath away with its age and beauty. The park has a designated picnic area, but you might prefer to pack a lunch and eat beneath the trunk of a giant redwood. The preserve offers the opportunity for a peaceful moment in nature, and sometimes, there is no better place to be.

Half Moon Bay State Beach

Who said a park had to be green? There are several stretches of beach along the California coastline, and Half Moon Bay State Beach is one of these. With ocean views and cathartic waves, this beach is a slice of paradise with a calming atmosphere. Though sunny summer days offer sunbathing opportunities, a winter escapade on the sandy shores can bring about a serene solitude unlike any other. There is plenty of space to think as the wind blows over your shoulders and along the four miles of shore.

For more information on inspiring sites in the Bay Area, download our free Vacation Guide.

Relax at Mill Rose Inn

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Enjoy a Beautiful Day at the Pacifica State Beach

January 15, 2016 by Mill Rose Inn

Couple enjoying Pacifica State BeachDuring your Half Moon Bay vacation, spend a day soaking in the sun along the Pacific Ocean at Pacifica State Beach.

About the Pacifica State Beach

Located in the southernmost part of Pacifica, CA, this crescent shaped beach is just under a mile long. Pacifica State Beach is known as the starting point for many San Francisco area beginning surfers who also call this beach the Linda Mar Beach due to its proximity to Pacifica’s Linda Mar subdivision. Even if you are not interested in surfing, this beach provides a habitat for an endangered shorebird called the western snowy plover. Enjoy the most well-loved and well-used beach in the city and walk the recreation trail along the ocean. Since surfing is incredibly popular at this beach, feel free to check the Pacifica State Beach weather and the Pacifica State Beach surf report, before hitting the water.

Other State Beaches in the Area

  • Montara State Beach
    As one of the closest beaches to Half Moon Bay, Montara State Beach is always a great option if you have already visited the Pacifica State Beach. This beach offers more than just surfing with its two beach access points, lighthouse, hostel, fishing, dog access, biking, hiking, and horseback riding trails.
  • Thornton State Beach
    Unfortunately, this beach is closed to the public in efforts to protect its habitat due to incredible landslides. While the beach is closed, the locals are still able to access the site for horseback riding, hiking, and other beach activities.

Other Area Attractions

  • Sanchez Adobe County Park
    Home to the Sanchez Adobe, this park represents rich history and is considered a fantastic example of Mexican era architecture in San Mateo County. Purchased by the County of San Mateo in 1947, this park has continued to serve as a living landmark for all of its visitors.
  • San Pedro Valley County Park
    This park spans 1,052 acres and embraces the middle and south forks of the San Pedro Creek where many Steelhead use to spawn. Nestled along the Santa Cruz Mountain range the San Pedro Valley County Park offers picnic areas, barbecue pits, a self-guiding nature trail, hiking trails, a visitor center, and views of a seasonal waterfall.

Where to Stay

While planning your trip to the San Mateo County area, choose Half Moon Bay for your stay. With proximity to all of the beaches and parks listed above, Half Moon Bay is the perfect place that is far enough away from San Francisco to relax, but close enough to feel the actual city atmosphere. The city lies on the coast of San Mateo County and is only about half an hour south of San Francisco. Take advantage of the best accommodations Half Moon Bay has to offer, by booking a stay at the Mill Rose Inn. When you stay at our romantic, luxury inn, not only will you feel refreshed and rejuvenated for your next day of adventure, but you’ll also receive a lavish gourmet breakfast delivered straight to your room. For the ultimate escape, spend time in our delightful oasis that features hundreds of perennials, annuals, and more than two hundred rose bushes. For more information on things to do in Half Moon Bay, CA, make sure to request our free Half Moon Bay, CA, Vacation Guide. We look forward to booking your stay!

5 Fantastic Things to Do at the Año Nuevo State Park

November 13, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

Elephant Seals at Año Nuevo State ParkAño Nuevo State Park in Pescadero, CA, is best known for the approximately 10,000 elephant seals who return yearly to breed. Not only does this state park offer this amazing opportunity to watch elephant seals in their natural habitat, but it also brings families from all over the world! On top of the amazing sights, Año Nuevo State Park weather is nearly perfect year round. Winter daytime averages rarely drop below 60 degrees leaving you with a perfect day exploring the beautiful scenery.

5 Things to Do at the Año Nuevo State Park

  1. Hike the Trails at Año Nuevo State Park
    Explore Año Nuevo State Park through its five different hiking trails including Año Nuevo Point Trail, New Years Creek and Steele Trails, Franklin Point Trails, and Whitehouse Canyon Trails.

    The Año Nuevo Point Trail is a 3-4 mile hike, round-trip. On this trail, you can see much more than just the elephant seals. The trail begins near the Marine Education Center and theater, which used to be the cattle barn and horse barn of the Steele Ranch. About 400 feet beyond the starting point you’ll come across the 5-ton remnant of the Point Arena’s hull. After meeting with the New Years Creek Trail, you’ll hike above an earthen dam that is home to many endangered species such as the red-legged frog. Following the earthen dam, you’ll see the beauty of Cove Beach. The natural preserve section of the trail is only accessible with a valid permit or during a guided tour.

    The New Years Creek and Steele Trails are considered connector trails, but they offer much more than just that. On the New Years Creek Trail, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the California quails who call the northern end of the trail home. With beautiful scenery and a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, don’t miss out on this trail. The Steele Trail is rather short but takes you past the historic Dickerman-Steel house.

    The Franklin Point Trails include Franklin Point, Whitehouse Creek, Atkinson Bluff, and Cascade Creek Trails. Franklin Point Trail winds throughout dunes to a secluded beach while the Atkinson Bluff Trail connects Franklin Point to Whitehouse Creek and Cascade Creek. Crisscross your way through a now-rare coastal prairie habitat by hiking both the Whitehouse Creek and Cascade Creek trails

    Finally, the Whitehouse Canyon Trails will provide you with a beautiful walk through the redwoods.
  2. Surf at Cove Beach
    This beach stretches 1 mile from the Año Nuevo cliffs to the San Mateo/Santa Cruz county line. Visitors to this beach come for a multitude of reasons from a world-class surf break to seeing the different types of local animals.
  3. Get Married at Año Nuevo State Park
    With all of the surrounding beauty, this would be a perfect place to profess your commitment to the one you love. If you are interested in getting married in Año Nuevo State Park, you will need to obtain a permit by emailing
  4. See the Elephant Seals at Año Nuevo State Park 
    The elephant seal’s breeding season begins when the males arrive in December. After about 4 to 6 weeks after the seal pups are born, they will start to molt their black fur coat to reveal a shiny silver coat. For more information on the elephant seals, make sure to check out the park website.
  5. Take Guided Walks at Año Nuevo State Park
    Finally, if you are not adventurous or just prefer a guided walk over a hike, be sure to make a reservation. From guided seal walks to other specialty walks, Año Nuevo State Park has you covered.

After an enjoyable day at Año Nuevo State Park, come back to Mill Rose Inn and relax. Located in beautiful Half Moon Bay, we would love to host you. After a great night’s sleep you will receive a gourmet breakfast delivered right to your room. For more information about Half Moon Bay make sure to download our Vacation Guide.

Photo credit: benketaro / Flickr

Where to Enjoy the Best Half Moon Bay Surfing

June 25, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

Covering miles of Pacific coastline, Half Moon Bay visits are characterized by time on these wavy waters, be it on a kayak, chartered boat or, of course, a surf board. Half Moon Bay surfing is world renowned, as it is home to one of the most epic swells that has been discovered, attracting professionals from all around the world during the winter months, who come to catch a big one and go down in history. Aside from this famous wave, known worldwide as Mavericks, Half Moon Bay also accommodates many levels of surfing skill along its coast, from beginners to pure first-timers. If you’re visiting the area and have always wanted to try surfing, Half Moon Bay is your spot.

Half Moon Bay Surfing Lessons

There are numerous opportunities in the area to take surfing lessons and even sign up for more extensive camps where you can learn the basics, or further develop your skills with the instruction of professionals. Open Ocean Surfing is a highly recommended surfing school in the area, with lessons lasting 1.5 to 2 hours, and all you need to bring is a wetsuit. Open Ocean is hosting summer camps all summer long, and all ages are welcome to sign up for a whole week, or even drop in for just a day. If you’re a french speaker traveling to Half Moon Bay, Sea, Surf & Fun offers the town’s first ever French classes in surfing.


Most of the surf schools will supply you with a board to use, but not all of them have wetsuits for you, in which case you can check out one of the many local surf shops for rentals. If you aren’t planning on taking a lesson and just want to get out on the water in a new place, you can also rent a board from Mavericks Surf Shop, Half Moon Bay Board Shop or Cowboy Surf Shop. You can also pick up some Half Moon Bay surfing memorabilia to remind you of the area’s epic waves.

Titans of Mavericks

If you are a sports enthusiast or particularly love surfing, you will probably want to try and catch this famous surfing competition featuring talent from around the world. During the winter months when the swell is known to expand, surfers get on the water to hit this epic surf about a half-mile out from the shore that was discovered by a local surfer back in the 1960s. Now big wave surfers show up in the area for the chance to make the cut to compete while they are at the whim of the weather as to when the competition will happen, or if it even will.


If you’ve always wanted to give surfing a go, don’t shy away from the challenge, but seize the day and tackle a new adventure. Half Moon Bay is a beautiful place made for memories, and you won’t be able to avoid it when you visit. If you’re looking for other things to do while in the area, check out this free vacation guide.

Why You Should Relax at Cowell Ranch Beach

June 17, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

cowell ranch beach

Photo Credit: Miguel Vieira / Flickr

Cowell Ranch Beach is just a few miles south of Half Moon Bay and is characterized, much like other beaches in the area, by its oceanside bluffs that offer sweeping views of the Pacific and its coastline, as well as wonderful places for hiking and biking. Whether you are simply looking for a remote beach on which to relax and enjoy the area’s natural surroundings, or rather a place to get a good walk in, Cowell Ranch Beach is a great and very accessible option. You can count not only the gorgeous panoramas, but also that you’ll see some rare seasonal wildlife.

How to Get There

Cowell Ranch Beach is about three miles south of Half Moon Bay on Highway 1, making it a straight shot. You’ll see a parking lot on the side of the road that is connected to a trailhead, which will take you about a half mile down the bluffs to the beach below. Open from 8 am to sunset every day, the walk down to the beach is quick and easy, with the trudge back being, while still short, quite steep but equipped with safe stairs so you can take as much time as you need.

Cowell Ranch Beach History

Once an actual working Ranch, the beach is now owned by the state parks system having been recovered and donated by the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) in 1987. However, a century before in the 1880s it belonged to Henry Doebbel, a German immigrant who made a fortune with San Francisco’s first waffle shop and then established a prosperous farm three miles south of where the beach is today. When economic hardships hit he was forced to mortgage his farm to Henry Cowell who foreclosed on it in 1890 with the property eventually falling into complete disrepair.

Things to See and Do

When the 1,270 acre area was acquired by POST, they began to work with the Coastal Conservancy to develop the Cowell-Purisima Trail, a 3.6 mile segment of the California Coastal Trail, that is open on weekends and holidays. The trail is easy with a brief steep section and offers breathtaking views of the ocean and Santa Cruz Mountains. Aside from three bridge crossings you will also walk past fertile farm fields and along the Purisima Creek. After a hike, unwind on the beach with a picnic and keep your eyes peeled southward toward Seal Beach where you are sure to see harbor seals sunning on the rocks on swimming in he water. If you are here in early spring you may even witness the mamas giving birth to teeny pups. Pelicans, hawks, and wildflowers are other coveted sites for this conserved area.


Half Moon Bay is a lovely destination whose coastline is scattered with beaches that are wonderful for both lounging as well as surfing, boating and fishing. If you have yet to explore this pocket of Northern California glory, start planning your trip now! If you’re curious about other things to do in the area, check out this free Half Moon Bay vacation guide full of great ideas.



Ponder the Ocean’s Expanse at Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay

February 20, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay

Photo Credit: Xiaodong Ye/iStock/Thinkstock

Half Moon Bay has the quintessential Northern California coastline of bluffs, cliffs, and beautiful, yet cold waters. Unlike some of the area’s other popular beaches Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay is off the beaten path, making it a nice alternative to the more populous spots. Located in a residential neighborhood, it’s easy to get to while being just enough out of the way, and without free parking, that it is typically a quiet beach.

This is one of the best places to experience the whole Half Moon Bay. As you look out from Poplar Beach you’ll see cliffs to both North and South as the horseshoe shape of the bay curves in around you. To the north, you’ll see Pillar Point Harbor, with Mavericks out to sea from there. There is no view that compares to it on the West Coast, so be sure to appreciate it while there.

There are more advantages to this beach than its habit of being sparsely populated. Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay is the only dog-friendly beach in the area, attracting dog lovers and their furry friends who love to splash after sticks or balls in the waves. If you’re interested in taking a long walk with your pooch this is the perfect destination, as the bluff above the beach is home to a leg of Half Moon Bay’s Coastal Trail. This great recreational trail stretches most of the length of the town and is a great place to get some exercise.

If you’re into bird-watching this Poplar Beach bluff has been known as an exceptional place to sight rare and large birds. Hawks are frequently seen nonchalantly perched on the railing at the edge of the bluff, probably stalking prey on the beach below. Bring your binoculars for other potential wildlife sightings. This is a great vantage from which to spot whales out at sea as well.

While Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay is in a quieter part of town is its still just half a mile down the coast from the Half Moon Bay State Beach where many of the area’s popular restaurants are, including the pier where you can buy fish fresh off the boat. You walk up the beach to get to the bustle of Half Moon Bay’s coastal attractions, or take the Coastside Trail if walking in the sand isn’t your thing.

If you’re looking for a truly unique beach experience Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay is frequented by seasoned equestrians and beach trail rides. Check in with the Sea Horse Ranch to see about available trail rides and pricing. This is a fun way to explore the Bay, and you don’t need to have any experience to have a great time.

If you’re looking for the perfect Northern California vacation any time of year, the Mill Rose Inn offers the perfect small town retreat. Located right downtown by all the best restaurants and shops in this charming beach town, you’ll love our Victorian style rooms, famous gardens and gourmet breakfasts.

Explore the Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail

September 17, 2014 by Mill Rose Inn

Half Moon Bay Coastal TrailBy foot or by bike, spend the day exploring the Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail.  Family members of all ages will enjoy the ease of the flat paths and the amazing views at the stops along the way.  The trail is 11.5 miles long and can easily take a half of a day to complete.  The trail opens up to bluff side benches for watching the ocean waves and has access to great State beaches for quick dips in the sea.  Experience a morning or afternoon on the trail and uncover all the beauty of Half Moon Bay.

The summer months are the busiest times to visit the trail as the paths can become crowded.  The spring, fall and winter seasons seem to have fewer visitors and the weather is more likely to cooperate. Any season and any time of year, the Half Moon Bay Coastal trail is the ideal day trip when visiting the area.  Layered clothing is recommended as the ocean breeze can create cooler conditions depending on the time of day.  Half of the paths along the trail are paved with the other half consisting of dirt.  Despite the terrain, they still create a great ride for biking, running or walking.  The paths are dog friendly and even horses can be seen on the dirt paths.  The trails can become clouded with fog on many days but when the fog clears, the paths are perfect for meandering and taking in all the views.

There are spots to have lunch or drinks along the way, or bring a picnic to enjoy on the beach.  The end of one path will lead you to a ride through the beautifully manicured Ritz Carlton property and the trail runs adjacent to the golf course.  For stunning views of the ocean coast and an easy walk, the Half Moon Bay Coastal trail creates quite the experience.  There are many places to begin the journey.  The entry at the end of Poplar Avenue has access to the beach where dogs are allowed.  When walking the trails versus biking, begin at Francis Beach.  If biking first, begin at Magellan Road.  Other points of interest along the trail are the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, Moss Beach Park and Half Moon Bay Harbor where fresh fish and crab can be purchased right from the boats depending on time of year.

Half Moon Bay, California is home to the award-winning B&B by the sea, The Mill Rose Inn.  The Inn is not only close to shops and dining, it is situated right on the ocean.  This beautiful and elegant bed and breakfast with its antiques and lavish décor, will have you feeling relaxed and ready to unwind.  There are six guest suites complete with private entrance and filled with items like a stocked refrigerator and Japanese dressing robes.  A gourmet breakfast is served each morning with items including French pastries, homemade breads, omelets, fruit and fresh squeezed juices.  After breakfast, take a stroll in the lush gardens filled with hundreds of roses and tropical flowers.  When booking your stay, there is a 20% discount for same-day reservations.  Room availability and nightly rate can be found on their website.

Photo courtesy of Tracy Vierra

Enjoy the Pacific Surf at these Half Moon Bay Beaches

May 19, 2014 by Mill Rose Inn

Half Moon Bay BeachesWhether you are a beach lover or a wildlife enthusiast, Half Moon Bay has something for you. Choosing Mill Rose Inn as your summer destination will give you easy access to all the beaches Half Moon has to offer and will put you in a prime spot to see the California wildlife. Made up of several of the loveliest stretches of sand on the west coast, Half Moon Bay beaches are great to explore and enjoy some of CA’s most beautiful views. Here are a few of our favorite spots!


World-renowned Mavericks beach is definitely worth a visit. It’s known for big-wave surfing and is where the world famous Mavericks Invitational takes place. Waves can regularly crest over 25 feet and sometimes reach over 80 feet! Stroll along this beautiful beach, let the salty breeze blow through your hair and wriggle your toes in the sand. Sit on the beach in the evening when the sun is setting; you won’t regret it! After walking across the beach, follow one of the small trails to the top of the cliffs to enjoy a view of a lifetime. The cliffs overlooking Mavericks are teeming with spectators during the big wave competition, so take advantage of the peaceful solitude.  Make sure to bring your camera!


More than four miles of sandy beach, Half Moon Bay State Beach has many beautiful spots to wander along the shoreline, trek a trail or gallop along on horseback. The wide, soft-sand beaches stretch from the ocean to high cliffs, creating an one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Being one of the best places to experience the Pacific Ocean, you don’t want to miss out! You can walk miles along this scenic beach or hike along the jagged cliffs and bluffs. In the summer, the bluffs are covered with an abundance of flowers, creating a sea of pink.


Some other popular activities to do on Half Moon Bay State Beach are sunbathing, fishing, picnicking and surfing. Caution should be exercised when contemplating a swim, for the water is cold year round and the currents are dangerous.


Home to a variety of native California wildlife, Half Moon State Beach is a great place for wildlife enthusiasts. Species include sea lions, gray foxes, mountain lions, harbor seals, elephant seals, coyotes and a colony of rare Western Snowy Plover. Be sure to watch for whales and dolphins in the water!



After a day on Half Moon Bay Beaches, Mill Rose Inn is the perfect place to come back and relax. Our rooms and suites offer modern conveniences but are traditional decorated to give guests a true California Inn experience. Each room has its own private bath, cable television, complimentary wireless Internet access and a well-stocked refrigerator with complimentary beverages. Each stay includes a delicious breakfast in the morning, so you’ll be ready for the exciting day ahead. When you choose to stay at Mill Rose Inn, you ensure that your time in the area will be truly memorable. Find your favorite room and begin planning your Half Moon Bay Beach getaway today!


Photo courtesy Jon ‘K‘.