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How to Learn Beautiful Half Moon Bay Glass Blowing

July 17, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

half moon bay glass blowing

Photo Credit: Nan Palmero / Flickr

Half Moon Bay has long been known as a creative community full of artisans and craftsmen whose local products are collected around the country. Half Moon Bay Art Glass owner, Doug Brown, is yet another talented community member sharing his trade both by selling his beautiful art, as well as offering weekly classes that are known for providing a fun and fascinating activity here on the Northern California Coast. If you’re looking for a Half Moon Bay glass blowing experience, Dough Brown is definitely who you want to indulge that desire with. Known especially for his glass blown pumpkins – a popular theme due to the famous Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival – you can also learn to make other decorative home pieces, as well as useful items like glasses.

Half Moon Bay Glass Blowing Classes

Classes are typically offered on the weekends, and participants must be at least 12 years of age. Younger children are welcome to attend and learn the process though they must be supervised. Classes run for about two hours and start with a group lesson of the entire glass blowing method, after which each attendee gets one-on-one instruction while they blow their own piece of art, which they get to take home. Projects can be picked up the following day, or shipped to you for an added fee. Here are the classes offered regularly:

  1. Pumpkin Classes
    Students can either make a 2-inch or 4 to 5-inch glass pumpkin, choosing exactly what they want it to look like. This is a beginner level class.
  2. Memory Ball Classes
    A memory ball is a mostly clear glass ball that you can fill with whatever treasures you like, be it sand and seashells from one of Half Moon Bay’s beaches, your change, or corks.  This is also a beginner course.
  3. Paper Weight Classes
    Students get to choose between making hearts, star fish or clams in this fun small project class for beginners.
  4. Tumbler Classes
    This intermediate level class is for people who have some experience blowing glass as you’ll be making something functional not decorative. Choose the shape, size, and color of your very own drinking vessel.
  5. Jelly Fish Lamp Classes
    Another one of Doug Brown’s specialties is the jelly fish lamp. These beautiful pieces of art are wonderfully decorative, and are certainly an intermediate project as you will be making a body and up to six separate tentacles. You will walk out with a simple and gorgeous light fixture.
  6. Glass Blowing and Wine Tasting
    Located on the property of La Nebbia Winery, Half Moon Bay Art Glass is a great place to come for an outing in the area where you can have some creative fun, as well as taste some delicious local wines. It’s a great deal!

Half Moon Bay glass blowing attracts many creative and tactile types to the area. If you have an interest in rustic crafts, this is one you definitely want to do, and where better than in the beautiful setting of the coastal hills of Half Moon Bay? If you’re looking for other things to do while in the area check out this free vacation guide.

Where to Enjoy the Best Half Moon Bay Surfing

June 25, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

Covering miles of Pacific coastline, Half Moon Bay visits are characterized by time on these wavy waters, be it on a kayak, chartered boat or, of course, a surf board. Half Moon Bay surfing is world renowned, as it is home to one of the most epic swells that has been discovered, attracting professionals from all around the world during the winter months, who come to catch a big one and go down in history. Aside from this famous wave, known worldwide as Mavericks, Half Moon Bay also accommodates many levels of surfing skill along its coast, from beginners to pure first-timers. If you’re visiting the area and have always wanted to try surfing, Half Moon Bay is your spot.

Half Moon Bay Surfing Lessons

There are numerous opportunities in the area to take surfing lessons and even sign up for more extensive camps where you can learn the basics, or further develop your skills with the instruction of professionals. Open Ocean Surfing is a highly recommended surfing school in the area, with lessons lasting 1.5 to 2 hours, and all you need to bring is a wetsuit. Open Ocean is hosting summer camps all summer long, and all ages are welcome to sign up for a whole week, or even drop in for just a day. If you’re a french speaker traveling to Half Moon Bay, Sea, Surf & Fun offers the town’s first ever French classes in surfing.


Most of the surf schools will supply you with a board to use, but not all of them have wetsuits for you, in which case you can check out one of the many local surf shops for rentals. If you aren’t planning on taking a lesson and just want to get out on the water in a new place, you can also rent a board from Mavericks Surf Shop, Half Moon Bay Board Shop or Cowboy Surf Shop. You can also pick up some Half Moon Bay surfing memorabilia to remind you of the area’s epic waves.

Titans of Mavericks

If you are a sports enthusiast or particularly love surfing, you will probably want to try and catch this famous surfing competition featuring talent from around the world. During the winter months when the swell is known to expand, surfers get on the water to hit this epic surf about a half-mile out from the shore that was discovered by a local surfer back in the 1960s. Now big wave surfers show up in the area for the chance to make the cut to compete while they are at the whim of the weather as to when the competition will happen, or if it even will.


If you’ve always wanted to give surfing a go, don’t shy away from the challenge, but seize the day and tackle a new adventure. Half Moon Bay is a beautiful place made for memories, and you won’t be able to avoid it when you visit. If you’re looking for other things to do while in the area, check out this free vacation guide.

8 Annual Events in the Bay Area

May 29, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

events in the bay area

Photo Credit: Ben_Pruchnie_Studio / iStock / Thinkstock

The San Francisco Bay Area is a large and culturally diverse hotspot for some of the world’s, and certainly the country’s, most famous events. Not only is it full of exciting and progressive things to do, it is also a staggeringly beautiful place full of ocean and bay views, hills and mountains, and more architectural wonders than you can count. From the techy south bay and Silicon Valley, the posh San Francisco, the crunchy East Bay and, of course, the wine producing Napa Valley to the north. You will find a plethora of events in the Bay Area throughout its unique regions.

Here are some of the upcoming events in the Bay Area for the remainder of 2015.

  • San Francisco Shakespeare Festival – June 27 – September 27
    Free Shakespeare in the Park takes place all summer long not just in the city, but also in Pleasanton, Cupertino and Redwood City. This summer they are playing Romeo and Juliet.
  • San Francisco Frozen Film Festival – July 17 – 20
    This independent film festival is held in the Mission district of the city every summer, and aside from showcasing films by internationally renowned filmmakers, the SFFFF also has a youth program that focuses on showcasing the work of local minority groups.
  • The San Francisco Marathon – July 26
    The marathon draws runners from all over the world who fancy a running tour of the city. Whether you want to run a full or half marathon or the arduous 52.4, there are few places as beautiful for a race.
  • Music in the Vineyards – July 31 – August 23
    This is a classy chamber music festival that happens throughout Napa Valley at the end of each summer. Musicians in residence from around the world come out to play breathtaking concerts. This year the Music in the Vineyards theme will be Schubert.
  • Outside Lands – August, 7 – 9
    This event is much more than just a music festival. It also features world class comedians, and delicious foods and beverages from around the Bay Area. Outside Lands is always a blast and takes place in the famous Golden Gate Park.
  • Eat Real Festival – September 18 – 20
    If you love food this downtown Oakland food truck fest is one of the best cultural attractions in the area. It is more than just eating, but there are also many cooking demonstrations and even classes where you can learn the secrets of famous chefs.
  • Hardly Strictly Bluegrass – October 2 – 4
    This free festival in Golden Gate Park features seven stages of music for a whole weekend of fun. These headlining artists at Hardly Strictly are worth braving the crowds.
  • Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival – October 17 – 18
    The Pumpkin Festival is a perfect celebration of both the harvest season as well as Halloween. Between the giant carved gourds, harvest inspired treats, and great musical performances, it is a great way to enjoy one of the most beautiful times of the year in the Bay Area.

This is just a small sample of the events in the Bay Area that happen each year, which are continually drawing people to the perfect place for year-round outdoor activities. If you’re planning a trip to the area and are looking for more ideas of things to do, check out this free vacation guide full of great ideas.

The Berry Creek Falls Loop at Big Basin Redwoods State Park

May 15, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

berry creek falls loop at big basin redwoods state park

Photo Credit: Hotaik Sung / iStock / Thinkstock

When visiting Half Moon Bay, one of the most glorious ways to spend time is hiking in the hills or along the ocean. If you’re a woodsy person and love nothing more than spending an entire day on the trail exploring a new ecosystem, then the Berry Creek Falls Loop at Big Basin Redwoods State Park is the best imaginable way for you to pass your time. Just over an hour from Half Moon Bay, this makes for a wonderful day trip into the Northern California mountains. Be sure to pack all the provisions you’ll need for your day of hiking like sunscreen, layers, plenty of food and water, and whatever other safety gear you feel is a necessary for a day of successful exploration.

About Big Basin

Big Basin Redwoods State Park is California’s oldest state park, having been established in 1902. It is the site of the largest continuous string of Ancient Coast Redwoods south of San Francisco, making it quite a unique site for the Half Moon Bay area, and well worth the visit. With mountainous terrain that boasts over 80 miles of trails, and elevations reaching over 2,000 feet — quite high for coastal mountains! Aside from the famously rare Redwoods, you can also count on seeing conifer, oaks, chaparral, and riparian habitats found along the many streams and rivers in the park.

Berry Creek Falls Loop at Big Basin Redwoods State Park

This trail has a reputation for being among the most epic hikes in the entire Bay Area. Though on the longer side of 10.5 miles with the average walker clocking in around 6 hours, it has the most breathtaking scenery around. Taking hikers up in elevation at least 1,000 feet, you will spend most of your hike along Berry Creek through a stunning old-growth redwood grove. Not only will you enjoy the huge trees, creekside habitats, and climbing through the mountains, but you will be blown away by a series of waterfalls tucked into a narrow and deep gorge cut through the park by Berry Creek.

Other Trails in Big Basin

If you’re heading out to the park with kids, consider the Redwood Trail for an easy half-mile walk through an area that is known as the Mother of the Forest for having some of its tallest trees. The Sequoia Trail is another popular one, taking about 3 hours to hike 4 miles and has many great landmarks along the way like Sempervirens Falls, Founder Monument, and Slippery Rock. There are loads of both out-and-back trails as well as loop trails to choose from when you make the trip out to Big Basin.


The Berry Creek Falls Loop at Big Basin Redwoods State Park is a tremendous way to spend your time in these mountains, but should only be approached by serious hikers and prepared outdoorsmen. It will take the better part of a day, and require proper fitness and supplies. While its beauty awaits you, don’t take the challenge lightly.

If you’re considering planning a trip to the area soon, definitely consider downloading our free vacation guide for more ideas on things to see and do in and around Half Moon Bay.

The Pescadero Arts and Fun Festival is Fun for All

May 8, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

pescadero arts and fun festival

Photo Credit: Bob n’ Renee / Flickr

In mid-August as the summer is winding down and the kids are gearing up to get back to school, a small North California town on the coast throws its biggest bash of the year to celebrate creativity. The Pescadero Arts and Fun Festival, taking place August 15th and 16th from 10 am to 6 pm, began as an outlet for local artists to gather the community around locally made arts and crafts – something the town has in abundance. Nearly 25 years later, the Pescadero Arts and Fun Festival is a staple community event that, while completely free, has been a central fundraising source for the town’s youth and creative programs.

Just north of Half Moon Bay, Pescadero has the perfect downtown to enjoy the festival’s many vendors, performers, and chefs. This is truly a town full of talent, whom locals and longtime visitors alike come out to support each year for this fun event.

pescadero arts and fun festival

Photo Credit: Bon n’ Renee / Flickr

Vendors at the Pescadero Arts and Fun Festival

With new applicants and vendors applying for a spot each year, they are always diligently judged before being allowed to display and sell their art at the festival. The application process ensures that all vendors have tasteful, and high-quality products – a reputation the festival is known to uphold. You are sure to see jewelry and home decor makers, painters, photographers and many mixed media artists who get their inspiration from the very ground on which the festival stands.

Paffy’s Kid Korral

Like any good small town festival, there are many special activities for the kids to keep them safe and occupied while you peruse the vendors and get ready for mealtime. Your kids will love this chance for creative play! Make sure they’re ready for face painting, craft making, and lots of bouncing around.

Live Music and Performances

Known for their killer lineups and stellar live performances, you can be sure to expect great music at the Pescadero Arts and Fun Festival. Another highlight of the weekend will be the Sunday afternoon Fashion Show, known for being a comedic rendition of high fashion and culture while also throwing in some avant-garde designs by local craftsmen.

Saturday, August 16 

11 – 11:30            Sean Kohler
11:50 – 12:40     Cryin’ Shame
1:00 – 2:00        Pel & the Pelicans
2:20 – 3:20        Pathetic Honey
3:40 – 4:40        Zanzibar
5:00-6:00         Blue

Sunday, August 17

11-11:30            Jack Mullins
11:50 – 12:20   Boss Tim and the Laylows
12:40 – 1:40     Bundy Brown and the Expresso Rhythm Section
2:00 – 2:45       Mariachi San Carlos
3:00 – 3:45       Fashion Show
4:05 – 5:05       The D.B. Walker Band
:25 – 6:25       The Gary Gates Band

If you are looking for an entertaining and inspiring weekend to visit the Half Moon Bay area, this mid-August slot is a great choice to be sure you get the full effect of these quirky Northern California towns. Located right downtown, the Mill Rose Inn makes for a convenient and elegant bed and breakfast that will give your vacation all the more comfort. August in the area is known for its temperate weather and some of the sunniest days of the year.

If you’re considering planning a trip to the area soon, definitely consider downloading our free vacation guide for more ideas on things to see and do in and around Half Moon Bay.

Visit the Dinosaurs of Spanish Town

April 30, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

spanish town dinosaurs

Photo Credit: Anita Hart via Flickr

Half Moon Bay has long been known for its creative community of artists whose eclectic mixed-media pieces will confound most. Northern California is spotted with little out-of-the-way artist communities, and Half Moon Bay has one all its own. Spanish Town, a little village with a handful of artisan shops right off Highway 92 in Half Moon Bay, has grown famous for the life-size dinosaur statues that greet people as they enter the little shopping center. The dinosaurs of Spanish Town are what bring many people to this thriving cooperative whose inventory of items will shock you in both their diversity and number.

The Dinosaurs of Spanish Town

These life-size iron statues of a variety of dinosaurs and prehistoric species are the most shocking thing you’ll see upon entering Spanish Town. Though rusted and dated, every detail of the dinosaurs of Spanish Town is still intact and will shock you and leave you in awe. The eyes of each dinosaur are shockingly realistic, giving them a lifelike quality that adds only more charm to their unassuming presence. The Wooly Mammoth has individual strands of hair covering his entire body while the Triceratops has a perfectly scaled body and the most charming eyelashes framing its big eyes. The perfectly pointed razor sharp teeth, and talons that look like they could do equal damage on the Tyrannosaurus Rex are nothing short of beautiful artistry. As an adult this exhibit is quite astounding, so you can imagine that the little ones will feel as if they’re walking into a scene of The Land Before Time.

Shopping in Spanish Town

If you’re a thrifty type who could rummage through junk for hours, then once you’ve gotten your fill of the dinosaurs of Spanish Town you’ll love what the rest of this little art village has to offer. As you step in and out of the little shops around town you could literally spend hours amongst the quantity and variety of decorative pieces sold. Selling everything from Nepalese imports to landscaping decorations and handcrafted jewelry, it’s the perfect place to come buy a gift for that friend back home. As a visitor you’ll enjoy seeing every garden water feature imaginable, and literally every shape, size, and color of dog statue available. From replicas of DaVinci’s David, to dragons, gnomes, and fairies, the garden alone will keep you occupied. If you’ve been looking for that perfect lawn ornament, this stop could very well be your lucky day and you can ship that beauty home.


The dinosaurs of Spanish Town are one of the most unique sights to see in Half Moon Bay. Just a quick drive from downtown where you’ll find the charming bed and breakfast, the Mill Rose Inn. If you’re planning a trip to the North California Coast and want more information on other things to do in the area, check this Half Moon Bay vacation guide, chock full of the area’s best restaurants, outdoor activities, and historical places. One quick read and you’ll be saving up your pennies for the vacation of a lifetime.

If you’re considering planning a trip to the area soon, definitely consider downloading our free vacation guide for more ideas on things to see and do in and around Half Moon Bay.

Our Half Moon Bay Winery Preferences

March 26, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

half moon bay winery

Thomas Fogarty Winery
Photo Credit: Naotake Murayama via Flickr

Northern California is known as wine country throughout the world. While Half Moon Bay isn’t in Napa Valley, there are many winemakers producing exceptional wines with grapes from the famed valley to the north. Being such a culinary centered town, every Half Moon Bay winery is a great addition to the food and beverage scene in the area, and make for great things to see while visiting the area. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just enjoy the occasional glass with dinner, you’ll enjoy exploring these small establishments and their great knowledge about the age old craft of making wines.

Here is a Half Moon Bay winery list that you should visit on your stay here at the Mill Rose Inn:

  1.  La Nebbia Winery
    Located in the hills of Half Moon Bay, the La Nebbia tasting room is open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM. A classic five wine flight is a mere ten dollars and comes with light snacks, as well as the complementary glass to take home. Guests are encouraged to bring a picnic and enjoy the beautiful outdoor area with bocce ball. If you would like to tour the winery you can do so by appointment only, so be sure to call ahead. La Nebbia has great events throughout the year, including Barrell to Bottle days when you can bring your own bottles and get them filled.
  2. Tojak – Knier Winery
    Started by two lifelong friends and wine lovers as a home wine making project, this winery has grown over the years to produce 350 cases annually. Located in a coastal warehouse, this Half Moon Bay winery is open for tastings every day from noon to 4:30 PM. While starting with Zinfandel and Cabernet, they now have numerous award-winning wines.
  3. Barterra Wines
    Started by an Italian immigrant who came to California to make a better life for himself, founder Bartholomew Colucci developed a number of award-winning wines that are only for purchase at this charming Half Moon Bay winery. Located right downtown, this is a great place to walk to from the Mill Rose Inn where you can enjoy wine tasting Thursday through Monday from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM. If you like what you taste, your visit will be your only chance to purchase a bottle or case to take home with you.
  4. Thomas Fogarty Winery
    Located on the famous Skyline Ridge, this Half Moon Bay winery is both a beautiful place to visit and a chance to taste some of the area’s most unique and delectable wines. Having been the first people to plant Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the Santa Cruz Mountains, founders Thomas Fogarty and Michael Martella are true pioneers in winemaking. Stop by their winery to taste on Mondays from noon to 4 PM and every other day from 11 AM to 5 PM.

Any Half Moon Bay winery is a great choice for an afternoon of enjoying the beautiful weather and views of the area. If you have limited experience in wine tasting, don’t be intimidated, these hospitable establishments will teach you the ins and outs of a new travel pastime.

The Half Moon Bay Flower Market: A Thing of Beauty

March 12, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

half moon bay flower market

Photo Credit: anskuw/iStock/Thinkstock

Half Moon Bay is more than its cliffs sweeping out to see, it’s rolling hills to the east and its miles of Northern California beaches, but it’s a unique coastal community whose sense of place is as beautiful as its natural landscape. The annual events that celebrate the town’s culture, history and beauty are chances to appreciate all that this corner of the coast has to offer. Weekly events are similarly great times to grasp what makes this oceanside have different. Every third Saturday of the month locals from around the Bay Area head to the Half Moon Bay Flower Market where they appreciate the community and it’s small businesses by purchasing beautiful and locally grown flowers and plants of all kinds.

The market is open every month except for October when the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival takes over town. November through April, it is held indoors at La Piazza and May through September the Half Moon Bay Flower Market can be found at the intersection of Main Street and Kelley Avenue. It runs from 9 AM to 3 PM, and when the farmer’s market is happening simultaneously there is a hayride shuttle that transports patrons between the two free of charge. The market typically has live music, and oftentimes live art as the downtown mural is repainted frequently.

The Half Moon Bay Flower Market is a great family outing where people are united around a love for beauty and a creative eye. A purchase at this market is more than just a chance to bring home beautiful flowers, but it’s a boost to the local economy and chance to enhance the community by interacting directly with local growers. As farmers now move beyond the popular flora of roses and chrysanthemums and incorporate a diversity of native plants that capture the spirit of the land in every bouquet, you also have the chance to learn about the area’s natural history from the people who have been working on on the land the longest.

Winter holidays are a great time to visit the Half Moon Bay Flower Market with vendors making themed crafts and bouquets with their bounty. Before thanksgiving you’ll find tall colored grasses that can be piled in tall vases to give your home a harvest feel. The market will be stocked with fall colors and pre-arranged centerpieces for your parties. Christmastime is beautiful with evergreen bouquets that will make your home smell like a Christmas tree, and wreaths and bows and all varieties for that will put a lively touch in your decorating. It’s inspiring to see how growers are more than their green thumbs, but they are artists at taking what was once wild, reforming it into another beautiful thing.

There’s not better view or smell in the area than a stroll through the Half Moon Bay Flower Market. If you are yourself a connoisseur of flowers and their various arrangements then you’ll love our rose-themed rooms and garden at the Mill Rose Inn, located right downtown in Half Moon Bay.

Where is Half Moon Bay and Why Should I Visit?

November 24, 2014 by Mill Rose Inn

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay / Photo By Chris Gin via Flickr

Half Moon Bay is a small coastal town in Northern California. Located in San Mateo County, which covers about half of the San Francisco Bay Peninsula, it is home to just under 12,000 people. This quaint California town offers the best of the north coast views and culture without the bustle of the city. You’ll find world class surf, fishing, and food in a quiet atmosphere. Half Moon Bay is a great getaway from California city life, as well as a wonderful destination for those traveling from out-of-state.

Half Moon Bay is 45 minutes from San Francisco, San Jose and Palo Alto making it a very accessible from two international airports for vacationers, and an easy day trip for the residents of Bay Area metros. It also just over the hill from San Mateo, from which you can get on the San Mateo Bridge and be in the East Bay in about 30 minutes. It is a prime location for anyone Bay Area bound, and easy stopover if you’re not planning on staying.

You’ll find those famed rocky California shores in Half Moon Bay, which you can see from any number of the great hiking trails, none of which are far from downtown. The Purisima Creek Redwoods trails are popular and offer unique canyon hikes. Pillar Point Bluff trails will take you soaring above the wide open Pacific Ocean, and give you both northern and southern views of the gorgeous coastline. The San Pedro Valley Park is a breathtaking hike that will get you up in the mountains that run down the middle of the Peninsula, featuring views of the San Francisco Bay on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other.

Half Moon Bay is also home to one of the most famous waves in the world, known as Mavericks. This surf spot, named after a famous surfer’s dog, is the destination for the annual world class, invitation only surf competition, which is also called Mavericks. Surfers and spectators alike travel from all over the globe to participate in this event, which is always a somewhat impromptu competition because it depends completely on the weather. If you’re not quite at the pro-wave level there are plenty of other great beginner and intermediate surf spots around including Santa Cruz, which is just another hour down the coast.

This great little town is also home to some wonderful dining options. Chez Shea is fabulous french restaurant that will put you in the small town mindset with its petite, welcoming dining room. The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company is another favorite amongst both locals and visitors for its great craft beers and reputable menu. Cameron’s British Pub is another local favorite hangout with hearty food and drinks.

The charming Half Moon Bay offers everything California is known for in one small, walkable package. You can reside small town style and drive up to San Francisco for the day, returning to the quiet of our little bay at the end of the day. If you’re looking for a great vacation come and stay with us right downtown at the Mill Rose Inn. We’d love to have you!

Devil’s Slide Trail Isn’t So Scary Anymore

September 29, 2014 by Mill Rose Inn

Devil's Slide TrailTake in the beauty of the great outdoors at the new and improved Devil’s Slide Trail located between the cities of Pacifica and Montara.  About 20 minutes south of San Francisco, this 1.3 mile trail opened this past March with freshly paved walking and biking trails safe for pedestrians and bikers.  Visitors to the area can overlook picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean while either riding or walking and without the worry of cars flying by.  The Devil’s Slide Trail is a segment of the California Coast Trail that will eventually allow visitors to enjoy 11 miles of the coast from Mori Point to Pillar Point.

Highway 1 was transformed from a highway to a trail because of how impractical and dangerous the road was for drivers.  The road was often the site of car accidents, landslides and was sometimes closed.  Devil’s Slide was originally named for its narrow and twisting road that tightly hugged the mountainside.  The drive was a nightmare for travelers and commuters and was extremely unsafe.  It took about one year to complete the 2 million dollar construction which included paving the area and including parking, public restrooms at both ends and three overlooks.  The trail includes 12 benches great for enjoying a picnic lunch or for taking in the sights of the marine life below like dolphins and seals.  Panels can be found along the way to educate visitors on the history of the area.  The panels also include information on the plant and animal life that flourish in the area.  The Devil’s Slide Trail is perfect for biking and walking.  There are two six foot bike lanes and a 12 foot pedestrian lane with three foot concrete barriers along the side.  The trail will also be wheelchair accessible with the exception of one part in the middle where assistance might be needed because of the steep part of the road.

The only downside to the trail is the lack of pedestrian routes to the trailhead since it was made out of Highway 1.  A narrow shoulderless stretch of highway gives access to the trail.  On weekends, a free shuttle runs once an hour from Pacifica State Beach or the Sam Trans Route 17 bus stops at the trailhead.  The parking lot opens at 8:00am and the park closes at different times depending on the season.  Dogs are allowed on the trails if they are kept on a leash.  It is also not uncommon to see horses on the trails since the trail is also shared with equestrians.

After an exhausting day spent exploring the trail, find the perfect room to unwind at Mill Rose Inn.  Mill Rose Inn is a Four Diamond AAA award-winning bed and breakfast in Half Moon Bay.  The Inn is the ultimate in pampering as its spacious rooms, elegant décor and lush gardens set the tone for a most relaxing retreat.  A gourmet breakfast of fresh juices, French pastries, omelets and homemade breads is served each morning.  Even though the B&B is tucked away, it is still within walking distance of many of Half Moon Bay’s galleries and restaurants.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Clanon