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Charming Half Moon Bay Gardens and a private jacuzzi are part of your stay at our B&B inn

Set in almost an acre, our spectacular Half Moon Bay gardens burst with color all year and feature hundreds of fragrant perennials, annuals and more than two hundred rose bushes.

Paradise in a garden” – Country Inn Magazine

“When people drive past the Mill Rose Inn, they often come to a dead stop in front of it, overwhelmed by the beauty of the gardens they see before them. The flowers are so big, it’s hard to believe they’re real, and the gorgeous colors rival those in a painting by Monet. The Mill Rose Inn is the creation of owners Eve and Terry Baldwin, who clearly have a passion for flowers, not to mention degrees in horticulture. They’ve tended their gardens for forty years, replanting monthly to make sure there’s a year-round show, and the result is floral displays magnificent enough to appear in Sunset Magazine and many commercials.” excerpt from

Photos of our Half Moon Bay Gardens

“My favorite part was the private jacuzzi in an almost-enclosed gazebo, filled with beautiful plants and flowers, which you can reserve for one hour at any time of day (I went at 11 PM!). Bottled water, towels, robes and flip flops are provided. Other little perks like complimentary sherry and brandy in the room, a carafe of white wine, candies, coffee, and other little treats made the experience special.” – Katherine, New York City