Mill Rose Inn
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An Interior Designers Perspective

We received this great Yelp review yesterday,8/23/17,

“One of the reviewers made some comments about the decor at the Mill Rose:

I want to begin by saying I have mixed feelings about this establishment, which makes writing this review difficult. My girlfriend and I stayed at the Mill Rose Inn this previous weekend. It was a surprise belated overnight getaway; my girlfriend choose this place not me. When we arrived my first thought was, you have to be blind not to notice all the flowers, which isn’t necessary a bad thing unless you aren’t a flower type of person like I am. I will say that while I did see the beauty in them, I didn’t appreciate them as much as my girlfriend did. The room was okay in that sort of old Victorian style type of way. Oh did I forget to mention that there was wallpaper covering the walls and ceilings…and you guessed it, the wall paper was rose pattern of course.

I spent the first fifteen minutes starring at it all and wondering why none of it matched. Terry brought up a platter of cheese, crackers, strawberries and apple slices that had turned brown by the time they arrived in our room. The fireplace was a nice touch, despite the rose tiles that surrounded it, but it was way too hot for us to consider turning it on. despite the rose colored tiles. The bed was comfortable and the sheets were heavenly, and to my surprise they didn’t have roses on them.

The bright spot of staying here was the private Jacuzzi. There are lots of large potted plants in the space, but I am happy to report not one rose bush.

The next morning I was excited to take a bath in the old fashion deep tub, but my excitement was short lived when I discovered that the water didn’t stay hot enough to fill up the entire tub or that there wasn’t any bubble bath…bummer!

I opted out for having breakfast there since it was a combination of banana nut bread, which my girlfriend is allergic to, and fruit. Instead we walked a few blocks and had a “real” breakfast…eggs, French toast, waffles and sausage. Yummy!!!

I didn’t interact with Terry and we never saw his wife. All in all my stay wasn’t bad, it just was not a place I would of choose to stay if I had of been part of the decision making process. If you like flowers, especially roses, or you need a place to have a wedding then you would probably love this place. However, if you have bad allergies I would definitely recommend you find somewhere else to stay in Half Moon Bay.”

This was an interior decorators response:

“I’m actually a professional interior designer, and while Victorian is not my personal everyday style, I can say with the utmost certainty that Mill Rose’s Victorian decor is absolutely exquisite!  It’s gorgeous.  Hands down, the most gorgeous bed and breakfast in the bay area.  A bed and breakfast is expected to be charming and feminine, and that is exactly what it is, but with extra touches of elegance and luxurious flair.  One thing I love about the Mill Rose is that you can have your breakfast served IN ROOM, instead of having to eat with other couples in the dining room—although the dining room is lovely and very welcoming.  We love stopping in the dining room on our way back from dinner downtown to grab some fresh baked cookies and/or cocoa/coffee.  This place is top notch.  My husband and I have stayed in all of the rooms except the Bordeaux Rose Suite, and they are all stunning.  Terry and Eve are excellent hosts, and Eve’s cooking is absolutely fabulous!  I am going back this weekend for the first time in two years and I can Not wait!!!  For more inside info and pictures, see my blog article.  That’s right, I wrote a blog article on it.  Make of that what you will!

Her blog was originally written in May of 2013 by Judy Olson. She has returned over the years and we so enjoy reading all the comments from our happy guests.