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The Half Moon Bay Flower Market: A Thing of Beauty

March 12, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

half moon bay flower market

Photo Credit: anskuw/iStock/Thinkstock

Half Moon Bay is more than its cliffs sweeping out to see, it’s rolling hills to the east and its miles of Northern California beaches, but it’s a unique coastal community whose sense of place is as beautiful as its natural landscape. The annual events that celebrate the town’s culture, history and beauty are chances to appreciate all that this corner of the coast has to offer. Weekly events are similarly great times to grasp what makes this oceanside have different. Every third Saturday of the month locals from around the Bay Area head to the Half Moon Bay Flower Market where they appreciate the community and it’s small businesses by purchasing beautiful and locally grown flowers and plants of all kinds.

The market is open every month except for October when the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival takes over town. November through April, it is held indoors at La Piazza and May through September the Half Moon Bay Flower Market can be found at the intersection of Main Street and Kelley Avenue. It runs from 9 AM to 3 PM, and when the farmer’s market is happening simultaneously there is a hayride shuttle that transports patrons between the two free of charge. The market typically has live music, and oftentimes live art as the downtown mural is repainted frequently.

The Half Moon Bay Flower Market is a great family outing where people are united around a love for beauty and a creative eye. A purchase at this market is more than just a chance to bring home beautiful flowers, but it’s a boost to the local economy and chance to enhance the community by interacting directly with local growers. As farmers now move beyond the popular flora of roses and chrysanthemums and incorporate a diversity of native plants that capture the spirit of the land in every bouquet, you also have the chance to learn about the area’s natural history from the people who have been working on on the land the longest.

Winter holidays are a great time to visit the Half Moon Bay Flower Market with vendors making themed crafts and bouquets with their bounty. Before thanksgiving you’ll find tall colored grasses that can be piled in tall vases to give your home a harvest feel. The market will be stocked with fall colors and pre-arranged centerpieces for your parties. Christmastime is beautiful with evergreen bouquets that will make your home smell like a Christmas tree, and wreaths and bows and all varieties for that will put a lively touch in your decorating. It’s inspiring to see how growers are more than their green thumbs, but they are artists at taking what was once wild, reforming it into another beautiful thing.

There’s not better view or smell in the area than a stroll through the Half Moon Bay Flower Market. If you are yourself a connoisseur of flowers and their various arrangements then you’ll love our rose-themed rooms and garden at the Mill Rose Inn, located right downtown in Half Moon Bay.