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4 Reasons to Escape from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay

July 30, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

san francisco to half moon bay

Half Moon Bay is the perfect country escape from Northern California’s biggest city. Getting from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay is a quick and easy trip down the beautifully dramatic coastline. If you live in the city and are in need of a quick jaunt from it, be it for a day trip or to whisk away for a weekend after a hectic week. This quaint coastal city is the ideal retreat from San Francisco with its abundant options for outdoor activities, its quiet and laid back atmosphere, and the beautiful surroundings offering a sense of serenity you just won’t find around the city. Whether your need for a getaway is urgent or not, consider making the trip from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay.

4 Reasons to Escape from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay

  1. Quiet Half Moon Bay – Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the big city gets to be too much and having a close by place to escape to is crucial to thoroughly enjoying your urban lifestyle. The fact that getting from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay is an incredible asset to life in the city, as it makes that much needed day or weekend of peace incredibly accessible, without the burden of travel. The drive from the city is less than an hour!
  2. Surfing in Half Moon Bay – If you love to get in the water with your board but get tired of driving through the busy city to Ocean Beach where you can swim out into the Pacific, pack up your gear and head south for a weekend of two-a-days. Internationally famous for its huge waves, get a room at the Mill Rose Inn for the convenience of getting to the sea in no time at all. When you’re not in the water you’ll be right downtown for the convenience to its charming attractions as well.
  3. Hiking and Biking – Maybe you’re looking for alternative places to get in your weekend hikes, runs and bike rides, in which case the Half Moon Bay area is ideal. Again, you can stay downtown and enjoy the beautiful San Mateo County scenery while you hike through the hills, run along the coast, or tackle one of the gnarly mountain biking trails.
  4. Golf at the Ritz – Known as one of the absolute best golf courses on the Northern California coast, book yourself a few tee times over the weekend and enjoy this gorgeous spot overlooking the ocean. If you love a challenging game of golf, you won’t be disappointed by the quality of the links at the Ritz.

Making the trip from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay is always worth it, no matter how long you plan on staying. If you’re just looking to get a breath of fresh air out of the urban jungle, the drive alone through the rolling hills or along the coast, will do you well. If you can manage to steal a weekend away, definitely check the availability at the charming bed and breakfast right downtown, the Mill Rose Inn.

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