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How to Learn Beautiful Half Moon Bay Glass Blowing

July 17, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

half moon bay glass blowing

Photo Credit: Nan Palmero / Flickr

Half Moon Bay has long been known as a creative community full of artisans and craftsmen whose local products are collected around the country. Half Moon Bay Art Glass owner, Doug Brown, is yet another talented community member sharing his trade both by selling his beautiful art, as well as offering weekly classes that are known for providing a fun and fascinating activity here on the Northern California Coast. If you’re looking for a Half Moon Bay glass blowing experience, Dough Brown is definitely who you want to indulge that desire with. Known especially for his glass blown pumpkins – a popular theme due to the famous Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival – you can also learn to make other decorative home pieces, as well as useful items like glasses.

Half Moon Bay Glass Blowing Classes

Classes are typically offered on the weekends, and participants must be at least 12 years of age. Younger children are welcome to attend and learn the process though they must be supervised. Classes run for about two hours and start with a group lesson of the entire glass blowing method, after which each attendee gets one-on-one instruction while they blow their own piece of art, which they get to take home. Projects can be picked up the following day, or shipped to you for an added fee. Here are the classes offered regularly:

  1. Pumpkin Classes
    Students can either make a 2-inch or 4 to 5-inch glass pumpkin, choosing exactly what they want it to look like. This is a beginner level class.
  2. Memory Ball Classes
    A memory ball is a mostly clear glass ball that you can fill with whatever treasures you like, be it sand and seashells from one of Half Moon Bay’s beaches, your change, or corks.  This is also a beginner course.
  3. Paper Weight Classes
    Students get to choose between making hearts, star fish or clams in this fun small project class for beginners.
  4. Tumbler Classes
    This intermediate level class is for people who have some experience blowing glass as you’ll be making something functional not decorative. Choose the shape, size, and color of your very own drinking vessel.
  5. Jelly Fish Lamp Classes
    Another one of Doug Brown’s specialties is the jelly fish lamp. These beautiful pieces of art are wonderfully decorative, and are certainly an intermediate project as you will be making a body and up to six separate tentacles. You will walk out with a simple and gorgeous light fixture.
  6. Glass Blowing and Wine Tasting
    Located on the property of La Nebbia Winery, Half Moon Bay Art Glass is a great place to come for an outing in the area where you can have some creative fun, as well as taste some delicious local wines. It’s a great deal!

Half Moon Bay glass blowing attracts many creative and tactile types to the area. If you have an interest in rustic crafts, this is one you definitely want to do, and where better than in the beautiful setting of the coastal hills of Half Moon Bay? If you’re looking for other things to do while in the area check out this free vacation guide.