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Buy Fresh From the Coastside Farmers Market

July 16, 2014 by Mill Rose Inn

Coastside Farmer's MarketDo you enjoy fresh, crisp apples, red tomatoes, or juicy pears? We at the Mill Rose Inn surely do! Along with summer comes the annual opening of farmer’s markets. There are some outstanding farmers markets in and around the Half Moon Bay area to check out during your stay.  One market in particular is the Coastside Farmers Market!


This local market is bursting with sights and smells that will not only make you hungry but also leave you wanting to cook a delicious fresh meal for family and friends when you return home. There isn’t anything better than eating an amazing meal outside with the sun setting as your background, and having the sound of crickets fill the air as hours of conversation fill your night and make a lasting memory. You’ll find everything you need to take home to create that unforgettable dish at the Coastside Farmers Market.


The Coastside Famers Market has had the privilege and pleasure of creating two thriving markets that have become important pieces in the sustainability of young local farmers, supporting the established family farms, and preserving the treasured agricultural heritage of Coastside! The Market is a famer-directed Certified Market designed to link Coastside residents with their neighbors- local ranchers, fisherman, famers and culinary artisans that produce some of the most beautiful, nutritious and creative food in the world. The Half Moon Bay location is open every Saturday from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. One of the best things that you will experience when you come stay with is the finest locally grown food the area has to offer!


One fantastic thing about the Coastside Famers Market is the numerous sponsors they have. The Market could not continue to provide the locals and tourist alike with all the fresh produce with out the support of their sponsors! Fly girl farms, Triple Delight Blueberries, Fresh Corn, Farmer Johns veggies, Go To Chocolate and more, the food is local and amazing!  In 2014, the Coastside Farmers Market was ranked Best Famers Market on the Bay Area A List!  This Market is truly the best on the coast.


With a diverse selection of fresh fruits and vegetables at great prices, the Coastside Famers Market is sure to give you the best produce in the area! Whether you are looking for the perfect tomatoes for your bruschetta or the juiciest strawberries for your jam, the Market has it all! Pick up incredibly fresh lettuce, rainbow chard, basil, zucchini and more. Not only does the Market offer fresh produce, but also prepared foods. Stop by the Sukhis stand and sample some of the most delicious Indian food in the area. A trip to the Market is always an unforgettable experience.


While out enjoying the Coastside Farmers Market, you get in touch with the community and you might meet a friend from the inn. Maybe you will make a new one while deciding which apple to turn into your Grandmother’s famous apple pie. After wandering through this fantastic Market, head back to the Mill Rose Inn and relax for the evening in our gardens or in a luxurious room. Our charming bed and breakfast is an amazing spot for locals and travelers alike. We can’t wait to see you!



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5 Things You Have to Do in Half Moon Bay this Summer

July 2, 2014 by Mill Rose Inn

Summer is here and what better way to spend it than in beautiful California! Start planning your trip to Half Moon Bay and explore the stunning shoreline, eat scrumptious food and more! Come stay with us at Mill Rose Inn and experience the area at its best! Here are the 5 things you have to do in Half Moon Bay this summer:


1. Bask in the Sun on Half Moon Bay State Beach

Half Moon Bay State BeachMore than four miles of sandy beach, Half Moon Bay State Beach has many beautiful spots to wander along the shoreline, trek a trail or gallop along on horseback. Stretching from the ocean to high cliffs, the stunning beach is the perfect place to see some of California’s most beautiful scenery. Being one of the best places to experience the Pacific Ocean, you don’t want to miss out! Whether you want to hike along the jagged cliffs and bluffs or just take in the view from the sandy shoreline, Half Moon Bay State Beach is the perfect place for you. In the summer, the bluffs are covered with an abundance of flowers, making it the best time to visit.



2. Grab a Bite at Pasta Moon on 315 Main Street

Grab a Bite at Pasta MoonOffering delicious food in a wonderful atmosphere, Pasta Moon is dishing out top-notch Italian food made with only the freshest ingredients. Owner and chef Kim Levin, strongly believes in giving back to the local community and supporting the local ranchers, gourmet artisans, famers and fisherman. The menu changes regularly depending on the season, brings guests the best Italian cuisine. Pasta Moon has been cooking tasty food, like house-made pasta, pizzas and desserts, for more than 25 years. After enjoying a bowl of delicious pasta, Stoll down Main Street and take in all that the area has to offer.



3. Sample the Vintages at La Nebbia Winery

La Nebbia WineryLoacted in coastal Half Moon Bay, La Nebbia Winery offers a selection of award winning wines, which are sampled daily in the tasting room! Visitors not only have the opportunity to sip on a glass of wine but they can also purchase gourmet food products and locally produced items, including smoked salmon, gourmet cheeses, honey and more! This old fashioned winery provides a relaxing and memorable environment. Unfortunately, there are no vineyards to walk through but there are beautiful gardens to explore. The owners are passionate and excited to talk and explain the fermenting process of their wine, making for an enjoyable experience! Stop by and enjoy a divine glass of wine!



4. Hike the Waterfront Coastside Trail

Half Moon BayOne of Half Moon Bay’s hidden gems, Waterfront Coastside Trail is a delightful path to stroll along. The hike winds along the Pacific coast and measures 6-miles round trip. Enjoy an afternoon walk or exciting bike ride on this paved path that glides gently through the beautiful cliffs. The view of the coastline is breathtaking!






5. Eat at Navio Restaurant on 1 Miramontes Point Road

Eat at Navio Restaurant for Fresh SeafoodA great way to experience Half Moon Bay is by enjoying a plate of fresh local seafood. Munch on some of the best fish in the area with a front row view of the Pacific surf at Navio Restaurant. The attentive service, divine food and stunning setting, makes for a memorable dining experience. Start with Lobster Bisque and house Made Smoked Fettuccini with Crab and Parmesan Sherry Cream Sauce and end your delicious meal on a sweet note with the Baba Au Rum!






As you look over these amazing things to do in Half Moon Bay, be sure to book your stay at the Mill Rose Inn.  Our elegantly decorated guest rooms and suite are the perfect place to rest and recharge between adventures.  And if one of the activities leaves you feeling sore, one of our certified massage therapists can ease the tension and make you feel brand new. The classic furnishings will surround you with comfort and our expert staff will ensure your time in Half Moon Bay will be the experience of a lifetime. We can’t wait to see you soon!


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5 Amazing Half Moon Bay Attractions to See

March 15, 2014 by Mill Rose Inn

Half Moon Bay AttractionsThere is always something to see in Half Moon Bay.  With the mild weather, breathtaking beaches and endless selection of activities, Half Moon Bay CA is the ideal getaway.  Mill Rose Inn is located near several popular Half Moon Bay attractions that make the area special.  When you stay at our Half Moon Bay bed an breakfast, consider visiting these popular Half Moon Bay attractions.

Año Nuevo State Park

This California state park includes Año Nuevo Island and Año Nuevo Point. The Año Nuevo State Natural Reserve is home to several diverse plant communities.  However the thing that makes this one of the most popular Half Moon Bay attractions is the fact that latge groups of northern elephant seals, sea lions, and sea otters come ashore her to rest, mate and give birth. In fact, Año Nuevo State Park is home to the one of the largest breeding colonies for northern elephant seals.  Guided walks through the reserve are available. 

Half Moon Bay State Beach

For beach lovers, Half Moon Bay State Beach is a must-see.  The stretches of sand bluffs and blue ocean make for a beautiful scene.  Half Moon Bay state beach is made up of several beaches including  Surfers Beach, Roosevelt Beach, Venice Beach, Dunes Beach, Francis Beach and Poplar Beach.  Coastside Trail runs along the boundary of the park and links the beaches together, making it one of the extremely popular Half Moon Bay attractions among hikers and bikers.


Arguably one of the most iconic surfing spots in the world, Mavericks is home to some huge waves.  Big wave surfers from all over the globe come to Mavericks, especially in the winter, to take on waves that can reach up to 80 feet high.  An underwater rock formation give the waves at Mavericks a unique break.  It takes skill and experience to take on the waves at Mavericks, so if you’re not a surfer, it is a great place to observe the power of nature as well as spot expert surfers.

Pescadero Marsh Natural Preserve

This Half Moon Bay attraction is a 243-acre preserve of wetland.  Several habitats are included in the preserve including: tidal estuary, freshwater marsh, brackish water march, dense riparian woods and northern coastal scrub. Access to the back of the marsh can be gained by taking the recently constructed footbridge.  Pescadero Marsh Natural Preserve is an important stop for migrating waterfowl on the Pacific Flyway.  Over 200 species of birds have been spotted at the preserve and nearly 60 of those species nest there including the Great Blue Heron.  Other creatures making their home in the marsh are on the endangered species list such as the California red-legged frog and San Francisco garter snake.


Filoli is one of the Half Moon Bay attractions that impresses visitors year after year.  This historic site is one of the only remaining country homes from the early 20th century . The house has 16 acres of formal gardens and over 650 acres surround that. Filoli was for the Bourn family in the early 1900s.  William Bowers Bourn was the owner of one of the state’s richest gold mines and the president oaf Spring Valley Water Company. The beautifully decorated house and ornate gardens  draw visitors from far and wide to the Half Moon Bay area.

With all these Half Moon Bay attractions nearby, the Mill Rose Inn is the perfect to stay during your getaway.  Our elegant rooms and suites are each comfortably appointed with luxurious decor and furnishings.  When you book your room , your stay includes a full gourmet breakfast and the personal attention of our staff. For a truly exceptional trip to Half Moon Bay, look no further than the Mille Rose Inn.


Photo courtesy Daderot, via Wikimedia Commons.