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Take a Stroll Through Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park

June 25, 2014 by Mill Rose Inn


Burleigh Murray Ranch State ParkThe natural beauty of Half Moon Bay, California is breath taking. The Mill Rose Inn knows how special the area is and wants to share the beautiful of Half Moon Bay with our guests. We love recommending favorite places to experience the areas picturesque nature. If you want to experience one of California’s true wonders, a stroll through Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park is a must!



This hidden treasure in the hills of Half Moon Bay is a wonderful piece of history of California. The Burleigh Murray State Park dates back to the mid-1800’s when Robert Mills, an Englishman, acquired the land in a valley in the east foothills of Half Moon Bay. Mills built a house, dairy barn and outbuildings on the land. Although the Ranch is located in a secluded valley, it is still close to Half Moon Bay.


Start your stroll at the Park’s trail and make your way towards the prized historic structure, the barn. The building is also know as an English bank barn and is extremely rare in the United States. Unfortunately, time has taken its toll on the ranches buildings, however, visitors can still experience what life must have been like centuries ago. The 1-mile walk to the barn offers a picturesque view of the valley. With two stories, the barn was built along side of the hill allowing both floors to be opened at ground level. The ground floor kept dairy cows and the upper floor stored hay that was dropped down to the cattle. The barn was originally 200 feet long and could hold 100 cows but a 35-foot section was removed in the early part of the last century. The rusted farm machinery, stonework and a 1930’s ranch house add to the rustic scenery.


Continue your stroll across the creek from the Barn to the farmhouse, which today is used as a residence building by the State Park personnel. The house was built in the 1920’s, replacing a Victorian-style house that had burned down. The old but beautiful structure is a prime example of the early 1900’s ranch style architecture.


Across from the house is an old orchard where apples, cherries plums and other fruit use to grow. Many of the fruit trees are still alive but badly overgrown. A program, by Park Champions Program, was launched beginning a volunteer program to restore and maintain the Burleigh Murray Ranch orchard.



Trees like eucalyptus scatter the side of the trail and frame the creek, the barn and the other historic buildings. A beautiful scene to experience! The State Park is also a favorite spot for birdwatchers. Many species of birds are attracted to the Mill Creek’s dense habitat.



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Photo courtesy Emily Mills.