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5 Half Moon Bay Main Street Shops that Rock

May 21, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

half moon bay main street

Photo Credit: Vicki Moore / Flickr

Sitting on the irresistible Pacific Coast with ocean bluffs and coastal mountains sweeping up from sea, the downtown area of Half Moon Bay is itself a breathtaking picture of small town coastal life in Northern California. From little foodie treasures and American handmade shops to rare imports stores that support the world’s developing cultures, there’s no shortage of great things to see and taste on Half Moon Bay Main Street.

Whether you like shopping, or would rather sit in a courtyard or coffee shop and observe the everyday life of passing residents, don’t miss a chance to enjoy the beautiful, and somewhat quirky, Half Moon Bay Main Street on your next trip to town. Here are some of the best shops to check out on Half Moon Bay Main Street.


Even if you hate shopping you’ll love this interactive retail shop made for curious people who love to nerd out about science, nature, and art. Come explore the store with its odd collection of sundials, geode kits, and vintage insect prints, or hang out in their garden where they frequently host events and have on-demand activities for the maker-minded adventurers.

Ellen Joseph Gallery & Studio

Ellen Joseph is a local artist whose landscape paintings are a favorite of residents and visitors alike who can’t get enough of the gorgeous coastal scenes. Her gallery walls are filled with paintings depicting views from around the area. She also sells giclee prints on canvas and paper, as well as pendants, mugs, mouse pads and other reproductions of her work that make affordable gifts.

Cottage Industries

This store celebrates the craftsmanship of home decor, selling only the finest American-made, traditionally built products. Come explore the Cottage Industries’ showroom to remember the difference it makes to have well-built and designed furniture made exclusively from hardwoods.

Fog Town Toys

As the only specialty toy store in Half Moon Bay, there is no better place to pick up a special treat for your kids. Whether you’re looking for teething toys for your baby, to look through the variety of Hape Toys made from sustainable materials, and even kites to fly on the beach, you will appreciate the unique selection at Fog Town as an adult just as much as if you were a kid in toy store paradise.

Gaia Essentials

Specializing in organic and sustainable skin care products, Gaia is the place to go if you’re interested in botanicals and all natural soaps and moisturizers. Their small batch production means that everything is made from food-grade ingredients that are sustainably harvested, with aromas made only from essential oils. These products are the best things you can do for your skin!


If you’re looking for other things to do both on Half Moon Bay Main Street and the surrounding areas, check out this free vacation guide. Whether you’re into hiking, biking, historical sites or just the nicest beaches to explore, there is no shortage of things to do beyond the downtown area. Just book your stay and start your planning for your dreamy Northern California vacation!