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The Moss Beach Distillery Offers Relaxed Dining in a Beautiful Setting

January 19, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

Moss Beach Distillery

Moss Beach Distillery / Photo By Tony Chang via Flick

Along the cliffs of the San Mateo coast, you’ll find a multitude of dining options, but none so pleasing as the relaxed atmosphere and unmatched view found at the Moss Beach Distillery. Not only is this one of the best places to dine in the area – located directly north of Half Moon Bay – but it also has a rich history dating back to the Prohibition Era and is known to be one of the most haunted properties around. If you’re visiting the area this will be one of the best meals you can get both for the quality of the food and the ease of the experience. It’s a quick drive from Mill Rose Inn located in downtown Half Moon Bay.

Moss Beach Distillery Food

The Moss Beach Distillery has a variety of menus with the ability to meet the desires of all their customers. Whether you’re just popping in for a drink and a snack at the bar, a full dinner or Sunday brunch, you won’t be disappointed by the delectable options here. Their menu is certainly coastal fare serving delicious renditions on chowders, oysters, and fish tacos, but you’ll find plenty of options if seafood isn’t your favorite. There is also an extensive kids menu if you’ve got the little ones in tow. Their cocktail, wine and beer menus are impressive serving things from local producers and famous importers alike. If you want to bring your dogs along for a sit on the pooch-friendly patio the kitchen even has a menu for them!

Ocean View Patio

Moss Beach Distillery is known to be one of the best happy hours on the coast, and not just for its half-price drinks, but because of its stunning views. This is a favorite among dog owners, as well as those seeking renowned views of the San Mateo coastline. Known as Seal Cove Patio, the view overlooks the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and is one of the best places to watch the sunset. The patio is a relaxed experience, offering a full self-service bar menu, and is first come first serve. It’s just a great place to kick back and breathe in that salty Pacific air.

“Frank’s Place” History & “The Blue Lady”

The site of the Moss Beach Distillery was built in 1927 and was known as “Frank’s Place”, named for the owner who was a black market business man making a killing on illegally importing alcohol from Canada during the prohibition. Boats would pull up onto the beach below and crates of bottles were carried up the precarious cliffs to be distributed up and down the coast. Left from these days of mystery is a reported ghost known as “the Blue Lady”.


While in Half Moon Bay we certainly recommend a trip to the Moss Beach Distillery. Whether you’re just looking for a great happy hour special or a wonderful meal out with your sweetheart, it comes highly recommended. If exceptional food is something you look for in a vacation then you’ll love staying at the Mill Rose Inn bed and breakfast. We’ll make sure your days starts gourmet and see to it that you hit all the best restaurants around.


Mingle with Nature at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

July 21, 2014 by Mill Rose Inn

Fitzgerald Marine ReserveThe Pacific coast of the US is full of beautiful places to visit and explore. During your stay at the Mill Rose Inn in Half Moon Bay, you can choose from an array of fabulous beaches and forests to view. One place you must check out if you want to get in touch with nature is Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in nearby Moss Beach. This intertidal area is home to a huge variety of aquatic organisms and full of opportunities to learn about the environment of this special place. Read on to find out what awaits you at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.


Tide Pools and Habitats

The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is famous for its tide pools as they are some of the best examples of such habitats in the state of California. It’s one of 34 California coastal habitats being designated as having “Special Biological Significance.” The species that inhabit the tide pools include: sea urchins, anemone, hermit crabs, various mollusks, and more. There are also beaches and coastal marsh habitats located on the reserve that are home to species such as sea lions, seals, terns, gulls, heron, and egret.



Two types of tours are offered at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. Tours led by the reserve staff, docents and volunteers offer and expert look at the environments of the different habitats. There is also a self-guided tour, a guide for which is available to help you navigate the reserve. To get the most out of your tour, you should arrive around low tide, as that is the best time to explore the tide pools. You can check the tour schedule and tide chart to determine the best time to plan your tour.



Fitzgerald Marine Reserve includes hiking trails, so you can explore the land on foot and discover all the flora and fauna in a natural display. There are three hiking trails in Fitzgerald Marine Reserve: the Bluff Trail, the Costal Trail, and the Cypress Trail. Each trail features amazing views of a cypress grove, sea bluffs, and the Pacific Ocean. There is a short segment of the California Coastal Trail which is accessible to the disabled, bicycles, and horses.


Classes, Seminars, and Workshops

The staff and docents of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve sometimes lead workshops, classes, and seminars focused on nature study. These activities are in keeping with the mission of the reserve to protect and preserve the tide pools, beaches and coastal marshes within its boundaries. They also help educate the public on the importance of these environments.



As you plan your visit to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, be sure to book your stay at our Half Moon Bay bed and breakfast. Located less than 15 minutes away from the reserve, the Mill Rose Inn offers elegant accommodations and luxurious amenities. Plus, our gardens are beautifully kept and full of color all year, so you can continue to enjoy the outdoors when you’re relaxing at the inn after a day at the reserve. When you choose Mill Rose Inn, you can be sure your getaway will be one to remember!

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