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How to Enjoy Half Moon Bay Sportfishing

July 2, 2015 by Mill Rose Inn

The San Francisco Bay Area is the perfect destination for real fishing adventures, especially if you head down the coast to the wee port town of Half Moon Bay, California, where the fishermen are experienced and a lot of fun. Whether you’re looking for a deep sea salmon fishing experience, or rather the chance to go crabbing for the first time, the local anglers are always itching to get new people out on their rigs for a day of great bonding at sea doing some good old fashioned Half Moon Bay sportfishing!

Hera are some of the best companies that will take you out on the water to do some Half Moon Bay sportfishing.

Half Moon Bay Fishing

This is a one-stop shop for Half Moon Bay sportfishing with a store stocked full of rods, reels, bait, and tackle, as well as offering a number of fishing trips. Leading guided tours for salmon, rockfish and, of course, tuna, come experience these wild west coast waters with a staff with unsurpassed knowledge of both fishing and the local coastline. You won’t come back empty-handed with these pros!

Riptide Charters

For a small charter experience or a private corporate trip, Riptide is your spot for an owner operated experience right out of Pillar Point Harbor. While they will gladly take you out for Half Moon Bay sportfishing, they also do recreational trips for whale watching, nature trips and eco-tours, as well as the moving burials at sea where they charter mourning people out to scatter the ashes of loved ones.

Queen of Hearts

Step aboard this local famous 50-foot sportfishing vessel known mostly for shallow water fishing between Montara and Ano Nuevo. No matter your level of experience these experts can teach complete beginners while simultaneously offering new challenges for people who have spent more time on the water. Join Capt. Bob Ingles on the Queen of Hearts for a day of shallow water fishing or whale watching!

Huli Cat

The Huli Cat offers a unique fishing experience in that they are expert hunters of Humboldt Squid, also known as the Jumbo Squid, which are often only found around 1,000 feet deep. They have been known to reel in squid weighing up to 80 pounds and reaching 12 feet long!

New Captain Pete

This is a 53-foot charter boat captained by Dennis Baxter who has nearly four decades of experience in Half Moon Bay sportfishing. Trips aboard the New Captain Pete include a heated cabin and separate heads for men and women to facilitate the catching.


Half Moon Bay sportfishing is a great pastime if you’re hoping to get out on the water while visiting the Northern California coast. Not only will you get to catch some fish, but you’ll also get to witness some of the area’s wildlife, maybe even a few humpback whales that hang out in the bay. If you are planning a trip to Half Moon Bay this free vacation guide is a great resource to figure out which of all the great things to do in the area you want to tackle.